Adobe Fresco is a digital drawing and painting application on iPhone, iPad and Windows devices that allows users to express their creativity via a natural painting and drawing experience.

With Creative Cloud integration, Fresco offers the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, including favorites from Photoshop and those created by award winning illustrator Kyle Webster. Fresco offers sharp, clean, infinitely scalable vector and raster brushes, including the entirely new Live Brushes powered by Adobe Sensei – Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology – that are exclusive to Fresco and allow the tool to simulate real media. Creatives can glide their stylus across the screen to create blooming watercolors and creamy oils that blend realistically into the digital canvas.

The scientists who worked on Fresco studied the way oil paints act when you apply them and how they interact with each other. Users don’t have to wait for the first paint color to dry, instead being able to add a new digital layer to their painting and go to work with the new color. With Fresco, users can achieve depth and texture – seeing ridges and brush marks that give a natural sense of dimension. Fresco’s watercolor brushes provide all the advantages of watercolors without the frustrations. Users can undo, erase and dry their work with a simple tap. Select Fresco brushes were created with the Photoshop brush engine that provides flexibility in what you create, and Fresco’s vector brushes paint colors that magically fill in whatever shape you choose and stop exactly at the line.

Fresco is a free app, offering everything a professional artist needs to produce high-quality professional illustrations.