Flexible, modular, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers engineered to deliver control and simplicity so you can drive better outcomes. Atellica® Solution, features a patented bi-directional magnetic sample transport technology and the flexibility to create over 300 customizable configurations, as well as a broad assay menu with proven detection technologies.

The system adapts to specific customer testing needs by offering components can be arranged to create standalone instruments or multi-analyzer systems seamlessly connected to allow for changes that may be needed over time. Innovations such as the vision system images each sample to quickly recognize a STAT in less than 10 seconds. Samples are transported to analytical modules through the Atellica Magline Transport. This unique system features magnetic sample carriers which allow independent control of speed, acceleration, and bi-direction travel of individual specimen. These innovations combine to increase laboratory efficiency and reduce errors.

The Atellica Solution is a group of blood analyzers connected to provide a total of up to 217 different blood tests. Atellica Solution goes into laboratories of all shapes and sizes. These analyzers are customized into configurations which are built according to the size and shape of the laboratory, much like your child’s building blocks.

The blood is analyzed for things such as HIV screening and COVID testing, as well as tests for cancer, glucose, cholesterol, cardiac and pregnancy. Approximately 70% of the blood tests ordered by your doctor can be run on this system.

Besides being configurable to fit each laboratory, the Atellica Solution also has innovative features such as a vision system which looks at each tube of blood and sends it to the correct analyzer on a bi-directional, magnetic track which helps get results back quickly to the physician. It also offers a tablet that can be used in the laboratory to allow technicians to leave the system but constantly know the system is operating according to expectations.

These analyzers are so important to the care of patients, each one is connected to a secure remote monitoring device and data is analyzed continuously by our service technicians.

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