We are an Oakland, California based industrial design and product development consultancy focusing on technical ‘Soft Goods.’ We let truth to materials and sustainability inspire design and drive innovation.

Bilio Mask

Our mission is to design and manufacture the best and most sustainable mask solution for public use, ensuring critical medical supplies remain available for those that need them most. Made in the U.S.A. and built to last, the Bilio Mask is knit-to-shape with zero waste, zonally engineered to fit a broad range of unique facial profiles, washable, and reusable. The Bilio Mask is composed of our proprietary SilverKiss™ antimicrobial technology, a knit blend of recycled polyester and silver yarns. The EPA registered silver yarns release positively charged silver ions in the presence of moisture, prohibit microorganism growth, prevent “maskne,” control odor, and eliminate bacteria on contact. We were inspired to create the Bilio Mask by friends in New York who needed a rapid, quality response.

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