SG Blocks, Inc. in partnership with Grimshaw Architects and Clarity Lab Solutions as “Clarity Mobile Ventures”, are supplying RAPID RESPONSE INITIATIVES to the Growing demand for COVID-19 testing and clinical laboratory facilities in the USA.

One of the first sites to be selected are to be sited at LAX Airport. The lab will provide COVID testing solutions for airport and airline staff, passengers, and other target populations as identified by the needs of LAWA.

The buildings are known as D-Tec (Deployable Technology and also for DeTECtion). This includes a Clinical Lab, certified under CLIA to run “highly complex” tests. These labs are designed to combine highly accurate PCR COVID tests with highly efficient operations able to produce results within hours.

Further, the labs capacity are designed with Collection windows able to serve 1,000 Tests a day (single shift) from its own collection stations.

Additionally, it is designed with a Hub and Spoke system in mind similar to airports. The D-Tec 2.3 Lab being a main processing facility being served from just single unit collection facilities that are moved out into fabric of the airport or the community itself to extend the reach and effectiveness of the lab. Collection at the spokes is moved to the lab through the simplest of logistics.