At ēdn we believe that life is better when we are able to connect with nature on an everyday basis.

We know that not everyone has access to beautiful outdoor spaces, which is why we’re dedicated to reimagining how people experience and connect with nature through creating innovative, thoughtfully designed, beautiful products that help anyone to bring nature inside.

Our premiere product is the SmallGarden, a device that enables anyone to grow healthy, thriving plants- no matter how much experience they have with plants or the amount of sunlight in their home.

More than a beautiful planter, the SmallGarden is sustainably designed with nature in mind, and equipped with powerful engineering & technology that allows anyone, anywhere, to grow plants inside. No matter the season. No sunlight needed.

The SmallGarden has everything needed to make growing healthy plants effortless:

• Advanced water sensor system that senses when water levels are low and alerts you to fill the water reservoir.
• Automatic, custom LED lights powered by a proprietary light spectrum, optimized to ensure healthy plant growth while using minimal power.
• The ēdn app connects with the WiFi-Enabled SmallGarden to allow you to manage the lighting schedule, see garden alerts, and get detailed guidance on the growth of your plants to help you from planting to harvest and beyond.

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