V-Comb A1

The issue of head lice infestations is a growing concern for millions of families all over the globe.

This problem is amplified by the growing resistance of head lice, now dubbed “Super Lice,” to the most common chemical treatments. Because of this, traditional anti-lice shampoos and lotions commonly found on shelves are no longer effective in addition to being harmful to the sensitive scalp of children.

Moving away from these harmful and ineffective solutions, the chemical-free V-COMB A1 is the latest innovation in the ongoing battle against head lice. The V-COMB A1 is a battery-powered device that eliminates head lice and eggs without any allergens or chemicals. No nasty smells, no side effects, completely safe and gentle for the sensitive scalp.

It is user-friendly and treating with the V-COMB A1 is as easy as combing the hair. With its stainless-steel teeth and vacuum power, head lice and eggs are extracted from the head and are trapped into hygienic capture filters. The filters are then automatically sealed for a mess-free and hands-free disposal, removing the need for manually handling the nasty bugs. This unique and patented capture filter system helps in detecting and preventing infestations while providing immediate visible results. The V-COMB A1 is the all-around super solution against super lice.

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